Roller Conveyor Machine

  • Conveyor Length: 1m-100m
  • Effective Width:  300-1000mm
  • Height: 300-1000mm
  • Roller Diameter: 38mm,50mm,60mm
  • Roller Material :Zinc plated steel, stainless steel 304/201,ABS,PVC
  • Frame Material:  Steel,Aluminum,Stainless Steel
  • Load Capacity :50-200kg/m


Roller Conveyor is one of the most common conveyors applied in conveying flat-bottomed items like cases, boxes and pallets. Small, soft or irregular items are supposed to put on trays or other flat containers. This kind of conveyor is characterized with large and efficient distribution, convenient connection to other lines and easy maintenance. Optional Frame Material: carbon steel (standard), stainless steel, Aluminum, etc. Optional Roller Material: zinc-plated steel (standard),chrome-plated steel, rubber-coated steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, PVC, ABS, etc.


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